Neon Sign Gift Ideas For Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. While we all agree that mothers should be loved and cherished every day, the simple truth is that our busy lives don’t always allow us the time to show our appreciation. This day is your one opportunity to say thank you for all that mum does for you throughout the year. And the best way to brighten up her day is with a very bright and beautiful neon sign.!

A neon sign gift can be a much better gift compared to all those generic chocolates, candles, and flowers that mum likely already got throughout the years. This type of gift is super special, extra unique, and is sure to brighten up her day whenever she feels a little bit blue.

In this guide, we are going to share some of the best neon sign ideas to gift your mum this Mother’s Day.

A Custom Quote Neon Sign

What is the one word or phrase your mum is always saying? People are creatures of habit and tend to repeat the same sayings, quotes, or phrases at certain times. Is your mum a “Hold your horses” person, or is “Don’t cry over spilled milk” her favourite thing to say? The common quote your mum loves so much would make an excellent quote sign and a perfect gift.

An Exclamation Neon Signs

Perhaps your mum has an exclamation that she likes to use whenever she is surprised, fearful, or as a part of her general vocabulary. Words or phrases like “Amazing”, “Awesome”, “Jeepers Creepers”, “Goodness Gracious”, “Yikes”, or “Whoops” are all exclamations that can look rather charming on a custom neon sign and these gifts will portray her personality perfectly.

A Custom Kitchen Neon Sign

If your mum loves to cook then it might be a good idea to gift her a kitchen neon sign. Try to use your mum’s name in the custom sign so the gift will feel extra special. Good examples are Stephanie’s Kitchen or Carol’s Kitchen. Your sign can include other decorative touches like a silhouette of a rolling pin, whisk, or hamburger. 

With this type of sign, your mum’s kitchen will get a true restaurant feel and it can double as ambient lighting at nighttime.

Motherly Quote Signs

If you are out of customisation ideas then you can always go with something cute that is a little bit more generic. The phrase “Home is where mum is” can be a terrific gift that your mother is sure to love.

Night Light Mother’s Day Gifts

Night lights are always handy in the bedroom because they offer a little bit of ambiance without being too stark. These types of lights are also great for getting around in the bedroom without waking up dad. 

For an adorable neon night light, you can select something simpler like a small “Love you mum” sign that can be used as a night light on her bedside table. Or you can get a heart-shaped neon light with a quote or special message inside it. 

If you are in the market for any of these signs or perhaps want to get your own custom neon sign made especially for mum then it is time to give Neon Party a call. These neon sign specialists can help create you a sign in any size, style, colour, and with any type of font or decorative image. You can buy one of their pre-made signs online or order a custom-made sign that suits your mum’s unique personality perfectly. 

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