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Neon signs can be seen all throughout Liverpool. You’ll find company names advertised on signs, and notices about sales and grand openings. There are indications that will steer you in the right direction, and there are signs that promote a product or service.

If you are unsure about what kind of signage you need for your business, this blog post is an excellent place to start gathering some ideas.

neon sign Liverpool
custom neon Liverpool

Get durable and cost-effective custom neon signs in Liverpool

Neon signs are undoubtedly some of the best signage. The bright, highly-customisable signs are a fantastic way to spread a message. There are numerous shapes and designs available for custom neon signs in Liverpool. The variety of signs that are available for a business range from light box signs and metal signs to custom letters.

How is a neon light in Liverpool helpful for your business

Both big and small enterprises employ neon lights in Liverpool. Storefronts typically utilise neon signs to indicate whether or not they are open or closed. Every establishment that welcomes walk-in clients must display an open neon sign in Liverpool.

A neon light in Liverpool is another way businesses display their logo. Neon signs for breweries, movie theatres, and a variety of other businesses are common; with each custom neon sign in Liverpool made specifically for the particular business's needs. Neon lights that spell out crucial words are frequently used on neon signs to market goods and services.

  • Coffee
  • Bagels
  • Taxes
  • Souvenirs

These businesses rely on custom neon signs in Liverpool to make it easy for those looking for their goods or services to find them. A custom neon sign in Liverpool may be made to look like virtually any design and can be personalised in almost any colour.

neon light Liverpool
custom neon sign Liverpool

How is a custom neon sign in Liverpool made?

Thin glass tubes are bent into the desired shapes, such as letters, to create a custom neon sign in Liverpool. Depending on your sign's colour and size, various types of tubing are available.

Following the addition of purified gas, the neon tube is ionised using a current that is supplied at both ends. In addition, different kinds of gases and glass tubes enable a custom neon sign in Liverpool to produce a wide range of brilliant, bright hues.

This enables manufacturers to build unique designs that have never been seen before and match practically any design you have in mind.

Neon light signs in Liverpool are easily recognisable

Colours are the best way to identify neon light signs in Liverpool. Despite the name "neon signs," the hues are not exclusively made with neon gas. To ensure that your needs are adequately met, you can use other types of gases to build neon light signs. The following are alternative gases used in neon signs:

  • Helium
  • Argon
  • Krypton
  • Xenon

Each form of gas has distinct colours and benefits of its own. At Neon Party UK, we'll ensure you fully understand the various neon sign gases and the rationale behind our selection of them for your design.

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