Custom neon sign Manchester

Utilising a neon sign in Manchester has several benefits. These signs have an iconic appearance that frequently serve as an inspiration for art. Undoubtedly, a neon sign in Manchester impacts people, which explains why more and more business owners are making it their number one signage choice.

Since these signs hit the market in the 1950s and 1960s, neon signs have developed into one of the most outstanding lighting alternatives, becoming one of the greatest in terms of cost and return on investment.

For many small businesses, neon signs in Manchester can be a unique marketing strategy.

custom neon sign Manchester
neon signs Manchester

Advantages of a custom neon in Manchester

The options should be evident from the term "custom neon sign in Manchester," but they are limitless. This particular advertising media offers many choices for logos and writing. Businesses can make custom neon in Manchester in almost any shape or colour.

Numerous neon sign manufacturers offer online design tools that you may utilise on your own. You can even hire an independent contractor to create an artwork or design, then bring it to a neon sign company so they can turn it into big, bright lights.

Regarding the benefits a custom neon sign in Manchester can provide to your business, here are four specific ones you should consider

Energy efficient

Given how little energy a custom neon sign in Manchester consumes, many business owners find them to be a better option than traditional lighting.


Custom neon signs have the same strength and durability as standard neon signs, which already have long lifespans.

A properly constructed and maintained neon sign in Manchester should last for ten years. However, it may last even longer with genuine care, from design to installation to maintenance.

neon light Manchester
custom neon Manchester

Environmentally friendly

Neon signs in Manchester consume less power and they enjoy a longer lifespan. These two factors help make our environment better for all.

Match your branding

Today, social media rules the world. Being open and providing a good or service isn’t enough to keep your business running.

Flat signage can often make it challenging to match branding, but a custom neon in Manchester allows you to design something that seamlessly integrates with your existing logo, colours, and content.

A neon light in Manchester is safe to install

Neon signs are used to draw attention to a business. All throughout the world, these big bright lights are highly recognisable. Additionally, neon is a very effective marketing strategy, making the neon light in Manchester an attractive lighting option.

In Manchester, numerous businesses work with neon signs, but Neon Party UK has the highest reputation because of its decades of experience in graphics and sign boards.

We are a group of specialists who are incredibly committed and innovative, and our business is equipped with cutting-edge technology. Both of which contribute to the effectiveness of our services.

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neon sign Manchester