Mother's Day Neon Signs And Decor Tips To Attract More Customers

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and lots of businesses love to make use of this opportunity to boost their sales. When you take the plunge and invest in Mother’s Day gifting supplies to resell then it is very important to also spend a little bit on promotional content. With so many competitors also catering for this special event, it can be difficult for consumers to spot your lovely products. 

Neon signs are the ultimate solution for any promotion or special goods you want to market because they attract a lot more attention. 

In this guide, we are going to share some great neon sign concepts and tips that can make your company stand out.

Heart-Shaped Neon Signs

Heart-shaped neon signs  are a brilliant investment for your Mother’s Day decor because these signs can double for other special occasions like Valentine's Day. You can place a huge heart sign in your large display window and get a couple of smaller neon signs to place on the shelves amongst your Mother’s Day (or Valentine's Day) goodies.

Love Signs

Love neon signs are also very functional because they can double for other special days like Father’s Day. A large love sign on your front door or a small LOVE sign amongst your Mother's Day goodies is bound to attract a lot of attention.

Word Signs

Since it is such a special time of the year, you might want to invest in a couple of season-specific signs. Neon signs with the words “Mum”, or phrases like “Mother’s Day” or “Happy Mother’s Day” along with a charming picture of flowers or hearts can be a perfect attraction to place in front of your gifting aisle or in your storefront.

Cute Images

You can also stock up on small neon signs with cute images like cupcake signs, flamingo picture signs, or kiss signs for your business. These signs can be paired with other types of decorative elements like posters, flower bouquets, teddies, or word signs to create an interesting display. 

Custom Neon Signs

Businesses that want something a little bit more unique or who might have a creative idea for their advertisements can also get these ideas custom-made. You can order a neon sign to be tailor-made exactly the way you want. Your customised sign can be any size or shape with any type of backing and it can include any type of word, quote, phrase, icon, or image in any colour. With your custom sign, you are sure to stand out amongst a sea of competitors who always stick to the same boring promotional content. 

Quote Signs

Business owners who prefer a more thoughtful approach can consider neon signs that have a special quote on them. Here is a quick look at a couple of charming short quote ideas for your neon sign.

  • “Life doesn’t come with a manual. It comes with a mother.”
  • “No love like motherly love.”
  • “Mothers Matter.”
  • “Mothers are Walking Miracles”. 
  • “All love begins with mothers.”
  • “Mom is my hero.”
  • “The world needs mums”.

How To Make The Most Out Of Your Neon Sign

Neon signs look pretty fantastic all on their own. But if you want these signs to stand out even more then it is always best to decorate your displays or windows with a couple of other accessories. Add a vase with some gorgeous fresh flowers to your window display. Prop some soft and cuddly teddies on wooden crates for a little bit of backdrop. Add a fluffy pink throw blanket for softness and invest in a fragrant diffuser to create a bit more ambiance. 

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