Do Neon Signs Attract Customers? Find Out How And Why

Do Neon Signs Attract Customers? Find Out How And Why

Choosing the right signage for your business can be quite a head scratcher. There are so many different types of signs you can get for your company. Storefront signs like dimensional letters, awning signs, electronic message signs, and metal art signs are all popular in modern businesses. 

Out of all these different types of signs, a neon sign is probably the one that is going to make the biggest impression and attract the most customers.

There are quite a few reasons these signs attract more customers compared to your normal printed sign. Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons these signs attract more customers and why they are so effective.

Neon Signs Are Impossible To Miss

These gorgeous signs can be moulded into any shape or word and can be created in many different colours. While the beautiful designs of these signs are already eye-catching, it is the light that does the trick. The human eye is designed to catch bright colours and things that stand out. It is simply impossible not to notice a bright neon sign at night. It is hard not to notice these signs even if you don’t want to see them. They are just impossible to miss, especially at night, and any business that features a bright neon sign is bound to be noticed. 

Neon Signs Are Exciting

People are naturally excited by light. Light is associated with life, happiness, partying, and celebrating. Bright night lights in fun colours just have a way of exciting you. Walking down a street with lots of vivid neon signs will make your heart beat a little bit faster, the adrenaline will start rushing and you just cannot help but feel cheery and in the mood to have some fun. 

This natural ability to excite or uplift moods is exactly what makes neon signs such a good investment for companies. With your company name displayed in vivid neon lighting, your business looks a lot more fun and you start appealing to the general consumer simply because of the psychological effect that these signs have.

Your Business Stands Out

Neon signs can look charming in daytime but their true efficiency comes to light at night. Other business signs are hardly noticeable in low lighting conditions but neon signs are a glow in the dark. They shine brightly and emphasise your building. It is a great way to stand out above competitors and to draw more attention to your company.

Ideal For Brand Recognition

When you close your eyes and quickly think of an infamous or reputable brand, it is usually their icon or logo that comes to mind. Just consider McDonald's for a moment. Within a flash, that big and bright yellow M will pop into your mind. Getting your company logo made into a neon sign is a great way to create brand awareness. Your sign will be burned into the mind of anyone who walks by your store and they will instantly recall your business the moment they hear your name or consider your services.

Great For Navigational Purposes

In large shopping centres and busy streets, customers often have a tough time locating a specific company. Neon signage is a great way to make your business stand out so customers can easily find their way to your front door. These signs also make it much easier to direct people toward your store because you can just say ‘look for the bright neon sign’ and they will be able to find you with great ease. 

It is pretty clear that neon signs are very effective in attracting customers to your business. If you want your company to stand out a little bit more or need to attract more customers then it is time to contact Neon Party. This company can create a custom neon sign that suits your business logo, slogan or image perfectly.

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