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6 Neon Signs You Need In Your Life In 2023

Neon signs are fantastic for decorating interior spaces throughout the day and can give lots of charm at night. Those cute silhouettes in bright lighting can put a smile on anyone's face and is perfect for accentuating certain parts of a room or certain areas in a company. 

If you don’t have a neon sign at home or in your business just yet then it is time for you to get with the times and get yourself a little sign this year.

There are lots of fantastic, creative, and beautiful neon signs out there and you can even get signs custom-made exactly the way you want. Here is a quick look at some of the best neon signs to consider for your own home this year. 

Happy New Year Sign

Most people already have plenty of Christmas decorations and festive lights to put up during the festive season. These decorations usually come off after the 25th and can leave your home looking a bit dull after that explosion of light. A great way to maintain the charm for a little bit longer is with some decorations that can help you celebrate the new year. A bit Happy New Year sign can enhance the excitement of the fresh new year and it will brighten up your property or business for a little bit longer. The best thing about this type of sign is that you can re-use it to create some cheer every 1st of January for many years to come.

Kids' Room Neon Signs

Every kid's room can do with a beautiful neon sign. These signs are not only decorative, but they can also be soothing for the little dreamer and they double as a night light. You can find a sign in your child's favorite colour, that matches the bedroom theme, or get your child’s name custom-made as a beautiful gift. With these beautiful LED lamps or signs, your little one will never be afraid to sleep alone again.

A Bar Sign

Every bar needs a proper neon sign whether it is a small coffee bar, a large coffee shop, or a liquor store. Bar signs will instantly attract thirsty customers or guests to your coffee bar or liquor bar, these signs are attractive and decorative and they are sure to make these popular areas stand out.

Outdoor Business Signs

If your business doesn’t have proper signage just yet then it is high time to invest a little bit more in brand awareness. Custom outdoor neon signs that feature your company name or logo can lure a lot of customers to your doors and will force anyone in the area to take note of your company’s presence during the night. 

Decorative Wall Sign

If your home walls are a little bit bare or plain then it might be time to get a decorative sign. These signs can make any blank wall look extremely attractive without making too many modifications to your home walls. You can get signs in all sorts of quotes, with just about any icon or image, or get a sign that quotes a favourite song.

Motivational Quote Neon Signs

We can all do with a little bit of motivation throughout the year and especially when the year is still fresh. A neon sign that displays your favorite motivational quote can be a great way to stay positive and bright. 

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