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5 Cool Commercial Signs for Your Business

Looking for ways to decorate your business and welcome new customers? One of the best ways to attract new clients is with vibrant, eye-catching neon signs that match the vibe and aesthetic of your business.

No matter whether you operate a bottle shop, tattoo parlour, or if you work in a creative office setting, these signs can inspire productivity and add character to your business:

Open Neon Sign

Starting off the list is perhaps one of the most common and versatile neon signs you could have for a brick-and-mortar B2C business, an open sign. Our Open Neon Sign is a plain and simple open sign that makes it crystal clear whether you’re open for business or not. It may seem simple and obvious, but you don’t want any passersby to skip your shop if they doubt that you’re actually open. Welcome them in with this vibrant open sign or one of our many other open signs.

Our Open Sign is available in four sizes ranging from 30x12.6cm to 60x25.3cm.

Don’t Quit Neon Sign

If you own or operate a gym or fitness studio, yoga studio, or any other type of business that inspires others to get active and live a healthy lifestyle, keeping up motivation and good vibes is critical. That’s why our Don’t Quit Neon Sign is a catchy play on words. This sign spells out ‘DON’T QUIT’, with the middle letters crossed out to reveal a motivational ‘DO IT’ message.

Hang this up in your studio and empower your customers to reach their fitness goals. The sign is available in six sizes, starting at 50x20cm and going all the way up to 130x52cm.

Pick Your Poison Neon Sign

For pubs, clubs, and bars of all stripes, turn your watering hole into a great place for customers to be with our Pick Your Poison Neon Sign. Whether it’s a pint of their favourite lager or a fancy cocktail that glows in the dark, your customers will be inspired by this simple little sign.

This sign is rather long, making it suitable for behind the bar or overhead as shown in the photograph. Sizes range from 75x23cm up to 100x31cm.

Treat Yourself Neon Sign

Want to boost sales and make customers feel inclined to try something new? Retail shops and beauty salons can really stand out with our Treat Yourself Neon Sign. The fancy font is sure to brighten up walls and add ambient lighting to your products on shelves.

This sign is available in sizes from 75x28cm to 120x44.5cm. Why not treat yourself to our Treat Yourself sign today?

Angelic Wings LED Sign

Instagrammers and social media influencers are always keen on taking photos in front of a cool backdrop, and our Angelic Wings LED Sign will surely get people snapping. This is great for boosting organic traffic to your business, since you can easily get customers posting pics of your business online. 

As for the sign itself, it’s simply a pair of bright wings that you can customise in one of over a dozen colours. Sizes vary from 70x32cm on the small end up to our large 150x68cm wings.

Neon Party

Beautify your business with creative commercial neon signs from Neon Party.

Whether you're planning a birthday party, a wedding, or a corporate event, Neon Party UK believes all gatherings should be special. That's why we offer neon signs in Birminghamneon signs in Bristolcustom neon signs in Glasgowcustom neon signs in Liverpoolcustom neon signs in London, and custom neon signs in Manchester. Your unique event sign will be created by our talented team of designers.