Eighteen plus Neon lights - neonpartys.co.uk
Eighteen plus Neon lights - neonpartys.co.uk
Eighteen plus Neon lights - neonpartys.co.uk

Eighteen plus 18 Gym Neon lights

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What is an LED neon sign?

An LED neon sign is a lightweight, shatter-resistant neon light made from long flexible tubes that have been bent into various shapes and sizes.

Are LED neon signs safe? 

Our LED neon signs are very safe. They produce little to no heat, making them cool to the touch. Additionally, we use LED neon flex tubing which are non-toxic, high quality and also have a high flame retardancy.

What is the voltage?

All of our products have a voltage of 12 Volts. This low voltage helps make it safe for our neon signs to be turned on for a businesses' daily operating hours.

What is the average lifespan of an LED neon sign?

Our LED neon signs come with a lifetime of approx. 30,000 hours. 

Meaning if the: 

Neon sign is operating for 10 hours per day - it will last approx. 10 years. This is around 3x longer than traditional gas neon signs

The average lifespan of a battery-powered and USB-powered sign is less.

Unboxing and Product Demo Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mw_E9ykakfM

Everything that comes in your order:

-LED neon sign

-Power cord

-DC connector


-Accessories (for DIY Installation): wall plugs and screws, hanging chain or steel wire.

-Dimmer Remote: turn sign on/off, change the level of brightness and activate party/flash modes.

-Installation Guide: easy to follow instructions for non-professional installation.

-Thank you Card: scan to provide Google Review + 10% cashback offer

1-2 business days after you order, we will email the mock-up of your neon sign. The mock-up includes the design, measurements and other important details. 

If you are: 


Please reply with a confirmation email. The neon sign will then go into production only when we have received a confirmation email. 


Let us know in an email and we will revise the design and send you a free revised mock-up. 


If we do not receive a confirmation email within 3 DAYS, we will start manufacturing your order so you receive it in a timely manner.


If you do not see the email in your inbox, please check your JUNK FOLDER. If it is not in your JUNK FOLDER please contact us via email: info@neonparty.com.au


If you want to cancel the order after receiving the mock-up, we will refund the order. However, orders can not be cancelled once they have been approved for production. 

Average Turnaround (production + delivery)= 2-3 weeks

Priority Production (+$200)= receive your order in 8-10 days.

If we cannot deliver your order within 10 days, we will refund the priority production cost.

If you want to know if you can get your sign delivered by a certain date, please ask us in the chat or email:


How to add Priority Production to the order?

Go to your cart. Under 'add priority production', click 'add to cart'. It will then be automatically added at checkout.

Use your discount code at the checkout. 

1. Enter the code in the Discount code bar. 

2. Press Apply 

3. Please give it a moment to load and adjust to the new subtotal.

Enjoy your discount! 

Our LED neon signs come with a 24 month warranty. This covers faulty items, when used appropriately. Please not that we require both a video and photo(s) for diagnostic and quality purposes.

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This special LED Neon sign used for the gym is sexy and vibrant. A sexy neon art light has its own style and unique personality and it can entice consumers to sign up for a gym membership because it's so compelling, neon lights sign is more and more used for business, Because neon can actually make more money for businesses. Now is the time to customize neon signs for your business.Eighteen plus gym Neon lights

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Home Decor

Custom neon signs for home decor. design neon lights for bedroom and living room. Groom your house to become the rave of the neighborhood through neon signs. No matter the design, we are capable

Let's Party Light Sign

Personalized Neon Lights

Custom personalized neon signs in this category, all kinds of designs can be customized for you. Whether it's initials, a heart sign, or a phrase, we have the skill to bring your dream to life.

Yoga led neon sign

Bar Signs

What's a bar without the glory of neon lights? The design of neon lights will offer a welcome ambiance. Make each moment memorable for your clients with the purchase of neon bar signs.


Customize a personalized neon light for wedding, Say "I Do" in the most remarkable way possible. Our neon lights can express the love in your heart,design neon signs for special weddings,just do it


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Party signs

Give color to your forthcoming wedding, birthday shower, or birthday party with these tasteful lights. Available in custom-made fonts, the glow will be felt by every guest. Create a charming backdrop for photos to be captured with these signs.

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Indoor Yoga and Fitness Center

What could be more encouraging than a vivid sign that tells you, you are worth all the effort you are putting in? Get on with it, work hard, a little more, you can do it and many other such signs shining brightly to tell you not to give up!

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Custom neon lights in your café or a restaurant, It must be something special. Neon lights can help you attract more customers, We guarantee you a swell to experience. These lights will attract costumers and serve as a smart advert campaign.

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Open Signs

Say "Open" in a charming way. Say "Open" in an attractive way. Say "Open" in an appealing way. Show warmth to your customers, regular or prospective. Sell your business with this unique effect.

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Restaurants, Entertainment Venues
A must-have for your restaurant and entertainment venues are some cool neon signs. Get your hands on a variety of the mod, lush, most captivating neon signs to grab attention… Decorate a wall with a cool, trending neon sign, eye-catching enough to make your guests turn their heads…
Neon Lights That Can Be Selected with Multiple Color Options
Find the perfect match to your room's color theme… Available for you are neon signs in multiple colors, whether you are looking for a bright green or a sky blue, vivid yellow, or eye-catching red… stylish purple or serene white, lively orange, pretty pink, or classy blue, we have got you covered! Browse through the colors and find the one you have wanted all along!
20"/50cm 29"/75cm 40"/100cm
60"/150cm 79"/200cm 99"/250cm

Videos-Light Options

What is you want different colors for different moods and different themes… don't worry we have got you… check out our top-notch multicolor neon lights… 15 plus colors in one sign… choose the calming white or a bright red, vivid green, or pretty pink…. All in one sign you get…
Browse through our amazing designs and order the multicolor color light option to get single light with a quality of more than fifteen signs… dim the lights or brighten them up…. Flash the color patterns with the remote and have fun…


When you buy a neon sign from NeonParty®, You will receive one of the following installation kits:

1. Screw Fixing Installation  2.Hanging with Chain
3. Hanging with Steel Wire 4.What's in the box

When you place an order you will also receive a free remote-controlled dimmer, Single colour dimmer remote (left picture)or RGB colour changing dimmer remote (right picture), We configure the corresponding dimmer according to your order options.

single colour dimmer RGB dimmer
Single colour dimmer remote: RGB colour dimmer remote:

 If you'd like more information on how to install your neon sign, please refer to the below manual:

Overview Assembly:Overview and Assembly

 Screw Fixing:screw fixing neon signs

1. LED neon sign
2. Mounting holes
3. Acrylic backboard
4. Power cord
5. Dimmer
6. Power adapter
7. Installation accessories
(wire hanging, screw fixing,
or chain hanging)
8. Remote (single colour
or RGB colour changing)
1. Once you have decided where you are going to hang your sign, grab a pencil and make a small mark on the wall through the centre of each hole. 2. Drill 2.5cm holes where you have marked the wall. Then, put a wall plug in each hole. 3. Put each screw into the largest opening of an advertising screw then drill these into the holes in the wall. The holes in the acrylic backing should be lined up with the advertising screws behind the sign. 4. Place a jelly washer on top of each advertising screw. Then, tightly screw the head of each advertising screw into the openings behind the sign.

Chain Hanging:chain hanging

Wire Hanging:wire hanging neon signs

1. Attach the hooks of the chain to the holes in the acrylic backing of your sign.
Depending on the size of your sign, you can choose to use either one or both chains.
2. Attach the hooks at the other end of the chain to your chosen hardware. We recommend hanging the chain
to the screws provided. However, how you display your sign is completely up to you!
1. Attach the hooks of the chain to the holes in the acrylic backing of your sign.
Depending on the size of your sign, you can choose to use either one or both chains.
2. Attach the hooks at the other end of the chain to your chosen hardware. We recommend hanging the chain
to the screws provided. However, how you display your sign is completely up to you!
We aim to deliver your product/s within 2 weeks. We will make every effort to ensure your purchased product reaches you within the stated timeframe but we make no guarantees as external issues can arise that are not in our control.

Neon Party is responsible for delivering the items to the customer as listed on the purchasing order with shipping cost included. However, any charges for returned orders due to customer error (incorrect address, undeliverable orders, etc.) will be the responsibility of the customer.

Once your order is processed and in production, it cannot be cancelled or switched.

We offer returns and refunds for faulty products only. In line with Consumer Protection Laws, we will try our best to resolve the issue and may fix, replace, refund, or partially refund the product. The final resolve for faulty products, including refunds for the cost of the product is decided on a case by case basis majorly depending on the source of the fault.

Please note that we do not provide prepaid shipping return labels. Orders must be sent back at the customer’s expense. We suggest you get a tracking number with your return also, as we are not liable for lost return packages.

Neon Party generally does not accept requests for returns due to change of mind or other reasons. The customer may negotiate with Neon Party for a return and refund with the subject of approval. Still, the customer will be liable for all the costs incurred from that action, including shipping and/or tax.

In the case that the customer receives the wrong item or the item arrives broken, damaged, or faulty, the customer is entitled to return the item free of charge for a refund, only when the customer acknowledges Neon Party within seven days of receiving of item.

Please reach out to info@neonpartys.co.uk for all return requests.

Custom make your own LED Neon Sign

Please have a look through the FAQ below and let us know if there's anything else we can help you with.

design your own neon sign

Design Process

What colours can I choose from?

What fonts can I choose from?

What sizes can I choose from?

What if I want a sign that I can't create using your custom tool?

Do you offer a free design service?

neon sign production

Product Information

Where are your signs made?

What is the minimum size for neon signs?

Can Neon Signs be Used Outdoors?

Can I get a freestanding LED neon light?

What Are the Small Marks On My Sign?

How Long Do LED Neon Signs Last?

Are These LED Neon Signs Safe?

Do They Require Any Maintenance?

Can LED Neon Signs Break? What Are They Made of?

What Kind of Backing Does the Neon Flexible Tube Have?

custom your neon sign

Returns and Exchanges

What is your the Return and Exchange Policy?

Does my new sign come with a warranty?

Can I use my indoor sign outside?

neon sign production


What's The Process for Customised Orders?

Does My Neon Sign Need Any Professional Installation?

How Do You Power the Neon Signs?

What's The Length of the Power Cord?

Do I need a remote and dimmer for my LED neon light?

free shipping neon


How Do I Get My Tracking Number?

When Will I Receive My Neon Sign/Artwork?

What are the shipping costs?

Why is the turnaround 2 weeks per order?

What if my sign is damaged in transit?

Custom Orders

What Other Types of Signs Can You Create?

Can you print an image on my sign?

How much do custom neon signs cost?

Why are neon light signs safer?

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