Outdoor neon signs UK

Neon signs are among the most beautiful, distinctive, and bright forms of outdoor advertising. An outdoor neon sign can endure up to 12 years without failing, but other conventional characters may only last six months.

outdoor neon sign
outdoor neon signs

Besides, an outdoor neon sign is a colourful, eye-catching addition to any business logo that could drastically increase your exposure and help you stand out. They demonstrate to be an essential component of nightlife. Neon signage has an allure that cannot be disputed because of how quickly it draws attention.

What are the outdoor uses of neon signs?


An outdoor neon sign is frequently used for outdoor advertising. Many businesses have selected outdoor neon signs in the UK because of their glow-in-the-dark quality to help draw clients. Owners of bars and restaurants use neon signage with their brand names or logos to draw customers in.

Wedding events

An outdoor neon sign is used at weddings and other outdoor gatherings. Most couples use neon lights to showcase their wedding hashtag or their initials as a pair. Besides, neon signage not only completes the environment's look and feel but is also renowned for lasting for years despite regular use.

Neon signs ar,e therefore, frequently used by teams charged with decorating events.

Adaptation of outdoor neon signs in the UK

The makers of neon lights and signs are aware that some of their products are required for uses that call for outdoor use. As a result, various features assist these lights in functioning better in such circumstances.

outdoor neon signs UK
outdoor neon sign UK

Outdoor neon lights in the cold

The gases---argon and neon---used to make outdoor neon signs in the UK enable them to endure cold temperatures. So your neon lights wouldn't be harmed by the cold. However, to avoid damage, you should ensure the tubing or covering it comes with remains attached.

Outdoor neon lights in the Heat

Neon lights installed outdoors are unaffected by heat. Numerous people frequently ask whether neon signs get too hot when used outside; the answer is NO. These lights are put through far more rigorous testing during manufacturing than they will experience outside.

Therefore, if your outdoor neon signs in the UK were improperly manufactured, there is no reason why heat from the sun should impact them.

Can you use neon signs outdoors?

If you plan to place a neon sign for a few hours and ensure that it will be indoors after everything is finished, there is no need to be concerned.

However, it is vital to take specific precautions to ensure that the outdoor neon sign will be protected and won't get damaged if it is used regularly and placed in an area where it will be exposed.

The materials used to create indoor neon signs differ from those used to create outdoor neon signs; more specifically, outdoor neon signs require the addition of more components in order to ensure their performance and durability.

It largely relies on the company you get your neon lights from and whether it can supply outdoor neon signs.

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