Where Can You Make Use Of Neon Lights?

Where Can You Make Use Of Neon Lights?

When you hear the words Neon Wall Lights, the first thing that comes into your mind is storefront signs. These lights produce a luminous red-orange glow when an electric current passes through them.

Also, neon naturally emits a reddish glow, but you can make more than 100+ colours by mixing neon with other substances. Thus, it makes neon lights ideal for the advertising industry because they can easily catch the attention of passersby.

led neon lights are traditional for parties, but what if we use them for other home decor. Neon adds fun to plain interiors, and it brings a party feel and whimsy touch to any space. There are lots of ideas that you can try, either from words and phrases to various images.

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1: Neon Lights in Bedroom

Neon lights are very popular for bedrooms, and they can be used instead of unusual sconces to add a party feel. In this way, it makes the bedroom more welcoming. Instead of a headboard, you can attach the neon lights on one side or over the whole bed.

Also, one can use various fun words and phrases to make the neon inspiring. These can also be hearts or something like a bedroom, and such things are suitable for a touch of romance.

However, neon lights are commonly used for advertising purposes, and they are used for other purposes as well, such as car ignition lights and lasers. There is more to neon lights that you do not know yet, and this is what we will discuss in the following blog. So, if you want to learn more, then keep on reading!

2: Neon Lights in Living Room

LED Neon Signs

LED Neon Signs are great for sprucing up the living rooms and various zones. Neon lights are great for contemporary, tropical rooms, and you can hang some over the sofa. You can go for different colours, images, and letters and inspire yourself with the words and phrases you like. You can also try some neon light tubing to highlight the modern flavour of the room.

3: Neon lights in dining and kitchen

Neon lights are also great for kitchens and dining spaces to add a quirky and whimsy touch to the spaces. These are usually food and drink inspired neon lights that remind of retro cafes or some fun quotes connected with eating and drinking.

4: Other Ideas

Neon lights may also be used in other spaces like home offices, and it adds a fun and relaxing touch to them. For example, hanging in a club can also use neon lights; in this way, you also rock a neon light in your entryway to make it more welcoming. Moreover, you can also place a good neon light on the wall, and you won’t want to leave your home.

5: Use Words to Create Ambience

One of the most common ways to use neon lights or even neon-style LED lights is to spell out certain words that create a specific mood in the home. For instance, the neon sign in the photo creates a comfortable feel by simply spelling the word home. However, other ideas for neon word signs would look great in your living rooms and bedrooms.

6: Accent Items with Neon Lights

Another great use of neon-style lights is to accent items you already have in the home. One can see in the photo above how you could use a neon lighting style around the art on the wall, as this is the case on the wall hanging. Thus, it makes the bright art pop up more.

You could also use neon lights to add a glow under major pieces of furniture, and people often place coloured lighting under cabinets for some accent lighting. So why not go with neon?

7: Create a Futuristic space

However, a more involved idea comes in the form of the game room. By adding neon vertical lighting, then you can create a room that has a futuristic element to it. One can use neon lights for a gaming room, and it could also work in artsy bedrooms. You would need thick neon lights sold in straight bars for this idea. You might also have to hire a professional to hook up the lighting properly.

8: Keep your Sign plugged in all the time

While it may seem counter-intuitive, the truth is that it’s best for your neon sign if you leave it plugged in all the time. The neon sign’s power transformation will wear out much sooner if your sign is continually turned on and off every day.

Since neon signs use electrodes rather than heated filaments, they don’t get hot and won’t pose a fire danger. If you are concerned about the energy costs, then neon lights use very little power to operate and then restart their power transformer and use more electricity than lighting the sign for many hours.

9: Colour

When choosing the colour for your LED light, you need to match it with your company’s logo and theme. LED manufacturers can offer you various LED light colours, so you need to think carefully about what matches your business. Also, you need to consider the area's theme where you will install your LED lighting.

10: Price

The type of lighting you choose for your business will greatly impact the utilities you pay each month. More importantly, you need to consider your budget for your lighting project. Aside from the initial price, it would help if you considered your options in the long run.


Neon lights are widely used in making decorations and signages. Their clear light, bright colours and wide range make them great choices for various lighting projects. Besides, they offer more design flexibility to meet the specific requirements of businesses. So, if you need custom-made neon lights for your business, don’t hesitate to contact the best-reputed agency.

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