Style And Size Tips To Help You Create The Perfect Customised Neon Sign

Style And Size Tips To Help You Create The Perfect Customised Neon Sign

Neon signs are the best types of shopfront signs you can possibly get for your business. Unlike average printed signs, these signs naturally make people feel all excited and create a vibe of fun. Neon signs are also much easier to spot from greater distances and they will certainly stand out amongst the signage of competitors or other businesses. They are great for brand recognition because it is just about impossible not to spot them, especially when it is dark.

Large corporate signs can be pricey and they can take a while to make. If you are planning on ordering a custom neon sign for your business then it is always good to plan your sign carefully so it will be as powerful and attractive as you need it to be.

Here is a quick look at some style and sizing tips that can help you get the perfect customised neon sign for your company.

How To Select The Best Size For Your Customised Neon

The size of your sign will usually depend on the location it is displayed. Signs that are hung inside a business itself such as in a window, on the wall, or on the front of a desk can be smaller because customers will be standing much closer to these signs. But if the sign is positioned outside on the front of the building then it is always best to choose the biggest sign you can afford because you want customers to be able to spot that sign from a long distance.

It is also important to ensure that your sign fits well within the display area so nothing will obscure the view of the sign. For example, if the sign is hanging inside a shop window then you should take care to allow lots of room around the sign so it won’t look too overwhelming and so no walls or posters can obscure the sign.

Tips For Choosing A Good Font Style

There are lots of beautiful font styles that you can get for your neon sign. Flowing scripts tend to be more romantic while handwritten scripts are more suitable for casual settings. Modern and neat print signs can be a good option for corporate companies but can sometimes look a bit too stiff for a more laid back type of business like a diner.

While you are considering the vibe the font offers, you should also keep readability in mind. A simple font is always better than a frilly font that no one can read. 

Tips For Choosing The Right Colour For Your Sign

Colour plays a huge role in our lives. Bright colours like yellow and orange tend to be more visual and attract more attention. Colours like red or pink can be more passionate and can have a greater emotional effect on customers. And some colours like white, green or blue can give your company a fresher feel. A lot of companies prefer it if their neon sign matches the colours of their business logo but others prefer something contrasting so the neon sign can stand out even more. 

Tips For Choosing The Right Wording

Choosing the right words or icons can be quite a challenge because a neon sign isn’t something you can easily alter. With seasonal words or phrases, you will need to switch out your signage at certain times of the year. This can be a good option if you want to inform customers of the latest deals or specials. But if your sign is going to be on display all of the time then it might be best to focus on something more generic like your business name. 

If it is time to order a custom neon sign for your company or if you need help designing the perfect sign then you should give Neon Partys a call. These specialists in neon signage can offer you the best advice or they can help you with the development of any type of neon design you can possibly imagine. 

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