Neon Garden Sign For Interesting Outdoor Spaces

Neon Garden Sign For Interesting Outdoor Spaces

Neon signs are often used on building exteriors because they are visually striking and can attract customers from a great distance. These bright outdoor signs can look very charming because those eye-catching neon colours can be very soothing and whimsical.

Outdoor neon signs are not just functional for businesses or marketing purposes. These beautiful signs can also be used as decor to perk up a garden space during nighttime. A charming neon sign can look very striking in a garden and is ideal for enhancing the aesthetics of outdoor living spaces or even gardens. 

There are lots of great sign designs that can be used to enhance the appeal of your garden. In this guide, we are going to take a look at some of the best garden sign concepts for your outdoor spaces. 

Can Any Neon Sign Be Used Outdoors?

If you already have a neon sign then you might be tempted to prop it up on an outdoor wall so you can illuminate a beautiful garden area. This is, however, a terrible idea because not all neon signs are designed for outdoor use.

Traditional neon signs and even LED neon signs should be specifically made with a waterproof design and UV protective coating before they can be used outdoors. If you use an indoor sign outdoors, it can become damaged by direct sun exposure or moisture. It is also very dangerous to hang electrical equipment outside if these items don’t have a waterproof design because it may result in electrocution or a short circuit.

A Street Address Sign

Numbers can also be used in neon signs. You can install a big and beautiful number neon light on your front gate or next to your front gate. This will illuminate the entrance at night, it will make your property look much more inviting and it will make it much easier for Uber drivers or food delivery companies to find your home when you order in or use ride share services. It is an especially handy solution for smaller guest houses that want to make it easier for visitors to locate their building or entrance.

Flamingo Garden Lamps

Flamingo-shaped neon lights are perfect garden features included in some of the focal points in your garden. These bright pink birds will give your garden a more tropical feel and will make your outdoor spaces look bright and interesting even at night.

Flower Neon Designs

Natural flowers can only offer their charm during the daytime. If you want your garden to look cheerful at night then you can also invest in some flower neon signs. Flower neon designs can look striking on your home wall, and they can look especially charming if you add them to a living plant wall.

Moon or Starry Neon Lights

Moon and star-shaped neon lights are also ideal for outdoor spaces, especially if you want to give your garden a more whimsical appearance. These interesting signs will look striking if you position them alongside your walkway or if you hang them in the middle of a verandah or arbor. 

Quote Neon Lights

Outdoor living spaces like an outdoor kitchen, outdoor barbecue area, or outdoor living space will look even more charming if you add a bright neon light against one of the walls. For these spaces, it might be best to focus on a neon light with an interesting quote or phrase. Something like “Good Vibes Only” can be ideal for setting a relaxing vibe inside these social areas. 

If you are looking for a beautiful outdoor neon sign for your garden or want something custom-made to suit your property perfectly then you should reach out to Neon Party. We make a wide range of beautiful neon signs and can also make custom neon signs. Our quality signs are very beautiful and are sure to make your garden look a lot more interesting during nighttime.