Easter-Themed Neon Signs Every Business Needs

No one celebrates Easter quite as hard as businesses do. Easter decorations can usually be spotted well before you even reach the store and you just cannot help but feel excited when these beautiful displays go up. 

So many companies go out of their way with these decorations because they remind customers of the upcoming festivities and create excitement and enthusiasm.  The more excited you feel about an upcoming event the more likely you are to dish out a lot of cash for decorations, gifts, and sweet treats. Customers also pay a lot more attention to shops during these special occasions because they know that a lot of products are going to be offered at discounted rates and a lot of companies host fantastic opportunities to win some great Easter prizes.

If your store is looking like a dull point amongst the masses with all of its beautiful Easter decorations then it is high time to upscale your Easter marketing strategy with some neon signage.

Neon signs are absolute showstoppers. You just cannot help but notice these bright signs in store windows, on storefronts, or inside shops. They draw customers towards you like a moth to a flame. The best part about neon signs is that there are so many different Easter-themed designs and concepts to choose from that can look fantastic in your building. 

Let’s take a look at some Easter signs that can help you make a big statement. 

A Giant Easter Egg Sign

A huge Easter egg sign with a cute bow around it is a perfect decor item to hang on the wall along with your other Easter decorations. You can also position this big and bright egg sign on top of your Easter window display to draw more attention to all of the goodies you might want to sell at discounted rates. These gigantic egg signs can be made in different sizes and you can get them in a colour that matches your business branding perfectly. 

A Happy Easter Greeting

The words “Happy Easter” in beautiful writing and bright colours will look charming on a wall inside your shop. This sign can also be quite welcome on the front of your store or inside a window. It is a perfect minimalist yet eye-catching Easter decoration to consider if you want to draw attention and excite without looking too over the top. 

Happy Easter Egg Signs

If you want to have the inviting “Happy Easter” slogan but also want your sign to look a bit festive or decorative then you can always consider a Happy Easter egg sign. With one of these signs in your shop window, you won’t have to add additional decor items. The sign will say it all and acts as decor all in one.  

An Easter Bunny Icon

Easter bunnies are always charming. A big neon Easter bunny in your shop window is sure to captivate all of those window shoppers or can be useful wall decoration inside your store. These signs are easy to hang up and perfect for anyone who wants to make a statement or accentuate this lovely holiday. 

A Gigantic Carrot Neon Sign

Carrots are also associated with Easter and can be a very good option for restaurants or anyone who loves Easter but isn’t too fond of the Easter egg idea. A gigantic glowing carrot on the wall is sure to make your business look quite interesting or you can always spoil all of your employees with a tiny carrot neon sign for their work desks so your office spaces will look nice and cheery. 

Contact Neon Partys if you would like to order one of these bright and beautiful Easter signs or if you perhaps would like to get a neon sign custom-made to suit your business needs. 

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