Creative Neon Sign Concepts For Weddings

Creative Neon Sign Concepts For Weddings

Everyone loves a good wedding sign, especially when these signs are created in gorgeous neon lighting. Out of all the many common wedding sign options like chalkboard signs, painted signs, posters, or wire letter signs, this type is by far the most dramatic, eye-catching, powerful, and bold.

Neon signs can make your party and photographs pop and are a great solution for anything from modern and trendy weddings to the classical romantic theme. In this guide, we are going to explore a couple of neon wedding sign ideas that you should consider if you want to create a beautiful reception or deliver a powerful message during your ceremony.

An Ideal Custom Bride And Groom Gift

Neon signs are not just great for wedding decor or photography. These signs can also be the perfect gift. If you have been battling to find the perfect wedding present for the bride and groom then you should consider getting a sign custom made. You can get your gift made in any colour and size, allowing you to create something meaningful that the couple will truly appreciate. Signs in the shape of a heart, a beautiful phrase, or the bride and groom’s new names can all be wonderful options for an engagement or wedding present.

Custom Name Signs

A good old classic surname sign is always a winner during weddings and these signs can also double for home decor after the wedding. A good old sign that reads “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, “Mr. and Mrs. Jones”, or something a little bit more catchy like “The Johnsons” or “The Browns” can all be great options. You can also opt for something short and sweet like a heart sign with your initials inside or simply your initials in big bold and bright letters. These signs can be useful for decorating your wedding reception area and they can also be very handy during photography sessions.

Vow Signs

You can also use neon lights to recreate a part of your wedding vows. The classic “‘Til Death” sign is always a hit but you can also get your own personal vows custom-made into a wedding sign. This type of personal sign won’t just look charming at the wedding, it is also a brilliant decor concept for your master bedroom after the wedding.

Bar Signs Or Dessert Signs

Bar signs or signs in tasty words like ‘delicious’ or ‘scrumptious’ are very useful in reception areas because they will navigate your guests toward where all the tasty treats are served. You can get a bar sign made for a liquor bar, coffee bar, candy bar, or any type of snack bar. Later on, these signs can also be just as beautiful in your own home when you build your own custom bar at home or they can be functional for decorating your kitchen.

Dancefloor Signs

The dancefloor is the one area where you can certainly splurge a little bit with beautiful lighting and signage. These signs stand out very well in the dark and are sure to enhance the overall look of the dance floor. You can get musical note signs made to decorate your DJ booth or get a line from your favorite song designed in a beautiful neon font so you can set the mood for the party.

There are so many great sign options out there that can work terrific at a wedding. The best wedding signs are however usually ones that are custom-made to suit the bride and groom perfectly. Contact Neon Party if you want to get a sign made for your wedding or if you need a creative gift that you can use to spoil the bride and groom on their special day.

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