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Creative Designs To Consider When Getting A Custom New Years Sign

Are you hosting a fun New Year’s party to celebrate the dawn of 2023? These types of celebrations are some of the best parties of the festive season because everyone is excited to see what adventures the fresh new year might hold.

Plenty of families and especially businesses love to go full out with their new year's decorations because these decorative touches amplify the excitement of the new year even more.

Neon signs are some of the best accessories you can possibly add to your decorations because they are brighter and more meaningful than any other type of decoration you can add to your party venue. If you are looking for an eye-catching sign and want to be a little bit creative with a custom-made sign then you can consider the following icons or phrases. 

A Bright Rabbit Icon

According to the Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year, 2023 is the year of the rabbit. This is exactly why we believe that a big neon bunny is the perfect neon sign to order this year. If you want to eliminate confusion then you can always add the number 2023 in huge letters beside or in front of the bunny line art but we do feel that a simple rabbit sign will be functional enough. The fact that you can repurpose this sign again during the easter season is also a huge bonus, especially if you want to get a large statement sign.

The Classic Happy New Year Sign

If you prefer something a little bit simpler then we recommend you stick with the traditional “Happy New Year” or “New Year” quote. This traditional sign might be a bit overrated but it is simple, clean, and communicates the exact meaning behind your celebrations very clearly. The fact that the sign is in neon light will give it a fresh and trendy edge. It is also possible to perk up the sign a little bit by getting it in a fun font or an exciting colour with a decorative frame around it. Your sign can also be incorporated with icons like a big champagne bottle, clinking glasses, or perhaps fireworks and stars around the edge. 

A Champagne Icon

It is tradition to enjoy a bottle of champagne during a new years party and especially to pop that bottle at exactly one minute past midnight. This tradition dates back hundreds of years when the beverage was extremely expensive and could only be enjoyed by the wealthy and elite. Thanks to technology, everyone can now enjoy a bottle of fine-tasting yes to champagne neon light and this has become an icon for new years parties. A huge champagne bottle on the wall in neon light is a very fitting decorative touch to include for these festivities.

Hello New Year

The phrase “Hello New Year” or “Hello 2023” has a very inviting and positive ring to it. It certainly gives a more modern and fun vibe than the traditional “Happy New Year” phrase.  With this phrase in bright neon colours against your wall, you will instantly establish happy vibes and the sign will add lots of energy to your party. 

These are all terrific ideas for a fun New Year’s neon sign and most of these concepts can be re-used for many new years parties to come. If you want the best party sign then you should order yours from Neon Partys. This company can get any type of sign custom-made exactly the way you want. They can make signs of any size, in the font of your choosing, with any icon you prefer, and in any colour. The signs are all made from the highest quality materials and are bound to make your celebration party stand out in the neighbourhood. 

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