What Image Types Can Be Used For Neon Signs

What Image Types Can Be Used For Neon Signs

The mesmerising glow of a neon sign can light up and enhance the aesthetics of any building or interior space. These eye-catching designs are perfect for drawing attention to a business or an accent wall inside a home. Neon signs have also become more versatile than ever before because they can be customised exactly the way you like them.

These signs can be made in the form of a name, a favourite slogan, quote and you can even use them to portray business names or logos. 

When you are busy designing a custom neon sign for your home, an event, or for your company, you should, however, keep in mind that neon signs might be highly decorative, but they will never be as detailed as a fine art painting or printed image. 

These signs are made with glass tubing and, even though the tubes can be modified to produce all sorts of images, they can only be used for certain types of images.

So what types of images can be used for neon sign creations? Let’s find out.

Line Art is the Ultimate Image Type

Neon signs are made from glass tubes. The tube can be curved into any shape but it will still be a distinct straight line. Because of this, it is usually better to focus on images with a line art design. 

Line art is a type of image that is made of distinct lines against a plain background. These types of images don't have any background colours or gradations. 

Even though the art method used for line art is a bit simple, you can create just about any type of image imaginable. Anything that can be pictured in clear outlines can be reproduced into a neon sign. Here is a quick look at a couple of examples of line art image types that are very functional for neon signage.


It is very common to see neon signs with icon images. You can get any type of icon made into a neon sign. Icons like a heart, moon, sun, lightbulb, leaf, coffee mug, clock, star, carrot, burger, beverage, lightning bolt, fruit, or diamond are very popular. These neon icon lights are great for decorating walls and or for guiding guests. An icon of a coffee mug, for example, will guide guests towards a coffee bar, whereas an icon of a beer mug will guide guests towards the bar.


You can transform your business logo into a neon sign but there are some limitations. Only the outlines of your logo will be in bright neon colours. The logo itself will still be open without any fill. With the right design, you can, however, still create a logo that resembles your business image perfectly. Logo neon signs tend to be very memorable and they can be very functional for attracting customers to your physical site because they can be spotted from a great distance. 


Landmarks can also be transformed into beautiful neon signs. It is pretty common to see all sorts of popular landmarks in neon signs. Landmarks like the Big Ben, a glowing map of the UK, or the London Eye are often made into neon signs. Other landmarks like a beautiful mountain ridge or waterfall can also be used as inspiration for a charming neon sign. 

Words in Any Font Style

Neon signs can be used to formulate words and you can use just about any font style for your neon sign. It is important to take note that your neon sign won’t have big fat letters like the common Arial Bold font. Only thinner font lines can be used to create neon signs. If you want to have a neon sign with big fat font letters then you can consider a lineout option. With this method, neon light tubes are used to form the outlines of each letter. This can be a very good option for larger outdoor neon signs. 

If you need a beautiful custom neon sign for your company then the best thing you can do is give Neon Party a call or send us an email with your idea. We can help you create a brilliant custom design and will then proceed to produce a neon sign according to that exact design. We can create just about any custom neon sign imaginable and we can produce a sign in any colour or of any size.