Types Of Neon Signs Every Company Should Have

Types Of Neon Signs Every Company Should Have

Visual aspects like proper signage play a huge role in the business world. Signage is what tells the public what to do and where to go both inside and outside a building. Without proper signage, your business can be very difficult to spot in a sea of competitors who are all giving their best to make some sales.

Neon signs are some of the best types to consider for your business because they are a lot more striking and powerful and they attract a lot more attention compared to other types of signage. There are lots of different types of signs that can be very functional in the business world. In this guide, we are going to take a look at different types of neon signs that every company can benefit from.

A Bright Fascia Sign

A fascia sign is any type of sign that is placed at the entrance of a building, though they are typically placed just below the roof of the building. Most buildings, or rather just about every successful and well-established building, have a large and very clear fascia sign. These signs are usually the main attraction point of a store and guide customers toward your building. Fascia signs are very important for brand awareness, and notability, the look of this sign can give a certain impression of your building.

Every company can benefit from a large custom neon fascia sign. If this sign is in vivid neon lighting, your business will be noticeable day or night and no one will be able to miss your company's existence.

Window Signs

Fascia signs are great for highlighting your business name but a couple of neon signs in your windows can tell customers a lot more about your services and can serve as decor to make the onlook to your company a lot friendlier. Neon signs can be designed with clear acrylic backing so these signs can look beautiful in the window without obscuring your view of the interior. They are ultimate decor items that can add a lot of interest, particularly at nighttime. 

Open And Closed Signs

Neon is a great lighting option for those useful open or closed signs on the front doors of your building. These informational signs are a lot more striking and they are much easier to spot from across the street. Potential customers don't have to walk up to your building to see if you are still open. They can be lured in from far away!

Exit And Enter Signs 

Exit and enter signs are great for navigating visitors through the correct doors. These signs can also increase your overall security in case of an emergency because everyone will know exactly where to go to reach a safety point.

Bar Signs

Bar signs are a good option whether you have a liquor store, nightclub, or even an office. They will help guests figure out exactly where to go to get a drink.

Decorative Wall Signs

Neon signs don’t always have to be useful. They can be created in any decorative theme, phrase, word, or silhouette and used as wall decor inside buildings. The soothing neon lighting can brighten up any interior space or any dull wall to give it a very aesthetically pleasing look.

Neon Desk Signs

Small neon lights can also be very beautiful decor items to add to office desks. These mini signs are ideal gifting options to spoil employees or can be part of your office decor. 

Neon signs can be very handy inside or on top of buildings. If your company doesn’t have a custom neon sign just yet then it is time to reach out to Neon Party and order yours. With a bright neon sign, your company is bound to stand out so much more and can look a lot more attractive. 

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