Top Five Outdoor Neon Signs for Your Summer Party

Top Five Outdoor Neon Signs for Your Summer Party

All will surely agree that here in the UK, summer comes once a year. Some might say, however, that it often happens on a Sunday at 3:00 PM and we’re immediately back to cloudy skies and cooler temps. While those pleasantly warm summer days and evenings may be precious and few in number, they certainly do call for celebration and festive events.

Some spend their time and celebrate on a canal narrowboat cruise, others perhaps head to Blackpool or Brighton for a day on the beach and/or a few beverages in the evening. If your summer party is at home in the garden or if you operate a business hosting fabulous summer parties for guests and patrons, you’ll certainly benefit from brilliant neon signs that can work indoors as well as outdoors.

The good news is that the high-quality LED neon signs from Neon Party can be purchased for outdoor use and are completely safe to use. Simply select Outdoor (IP67 waterproof rating) under the menu “Sign Usage” for any of our products. Here are a few of our top picks for your summer party:

01. Good Vibes Only Neon Lights

An extremely popular sign from our collection, our Good Vibes Only Neon Lights are a perfect complement to your outdoor summer party this year. The sign has a transparent acrylic backing giving it a clean appearance and features the text “good vibes only” in a stylish cursive font.

There really isn’t much to say about this sign that hasn’t been said already; it’s a classic neon sign that is hot and trending at the moment. Choose from over a dozen colours and four different sizes.

02. Let’s Party Neon Light

When does the party start? Is it when the first bottle of bubbly is opened or is it when your first guests arrive? When it’s time to party, be sure to have your Let’s Party Neon Light up and lit up to set the mood. This simple neon sign, like our Good Vibes Only sign, features the same stylish font and the text “Let’s Party” on a clear acrylic background.

Similarly, this sign is available in a dozen different vibrant colours and four different sizes. Hang it up indoors in your pub or event venue or opt for the outdoor version to light up your garden or outdoor venue.

03. Colourful Ferris Wheel Neon Sign

Can’t make it to one of Britain’s classic seaside towns this summer? Bring the big wheel home with our Colourful Ferris Wheel Neon Sign. This playful neon sign looks great in a child’s bedroom or playroom, but it can also create a fun and vibrant ambience for your outdoor summer party as well.

This sign simply features a ferris wheel reminiscent of the Big Wheel in Blackpool or many other seaside resort towns and is available in a dozen colours and four different sizes. Customised colour options are also available.

04. Yes to Champagne Neon Sign

So, does the party start when the bottles of bubbly are open and pouring? Say Yes to Champagne Neon Sign and illuminate your outdoor backyard garden or pub party this summer with this simple yet effective neon sign. Available in a dozen colours and three convenient sizes.

05. Pick Your Poison Bar Sign

What’s your drink of choice? Our Pick Your Poison Bar Sign is great in bars and pubs and can make for a great outdoor sign for your summer party as well. Choose from three different sizes and a dozen different colours.

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