Tips For Selecting The Best Neon Sign Colours For Your Company

Tips For Selecting The Best Neon Sign Colours For Your Company

If your company is in dire need of new signage then neon signs are probably your best bet. Unlike other types of business singage, these Business neon signs are visible and noticeable even during nighttime. If you want your sign to attract the most attention possible then it is also a good idea to give colour some thought. These wonderful signs can be made in a huge variety of colours and they can be created to portray just about any word, phrase, or image.

In this guide, we are going to share some tips that might help you find a suitable sign colour for your company. 

Best Colours For Informational Signs

If your neon signs are designed to offer general information while decorating your space then it is best to focus on a calmer and more neutral sign colour. Blue, orange, and purple can be great options for general information signs because these hues are captivating, and beautiful, and give off a friendly vibe.

Best Sign Colours For Promotions

For promotions, you need signs that are going to stop people dead in their tracks, draw their eyes or evoke some powerful emotion. Most companies prefer to focus on bright colours like red, deep pink, and bright yellow because these colours tend to make you feel energised and excited. 

Best Colours for Business Name Signs

If you are making a sign for your business front or to display your business image and name then it is best to focus on something that suits your business colours. Company name signs or shopfront signs can also be created with a mixture of colours so your logo or company name will be portrayed more accurately. Using your current business colours is a great way to create some brand awareness. People will start associating your company with a certain colour or image simply because your sign is so visual and striking. 

This is a functional tip even though your company might not have the flashiest look or might not focus on colours that generally catch the eye. The uniformity will create a sense of professionalism and the uniqueness of your sign will help your company stand out amongst those that focus on colours that have nothing to do with their brand.

Neon Party - Custom Neon Lighting For Your Business

We hope that this guide made it a little bit easier to find a suitable colour that will match well with your company and attract lots of attention. Once you have selected the right colour for your company, you should give Neon Party a call. This company can make a neon sign in any colour of your choosing and they can even create customised signage that portrays your business name and logo perfectly.