Tips For Choosing The Perfect Neon Sign Design

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Neon Sign Design

The very best way to make your business stand out from all the rest is with a bright neon sign in electrifying colours. Neon signs are effective because they are impossible to miss. You can see these signs from a great distance and their bright colours always tend to make people feel excited.

But just having a beautiful neon sign on your shop or business front isn’t enough to get the traffic you need. It is important to have a sign that displays the right type of information and design because customers will only flock to your company if they understand what your sign indicates.

In this guide, we are going to share a couple of great tips to help you choose a perfect neon sign design for your company. 

Consider The Main Function

Most businesses only use signage to display their company name and logo, but neon signs can be used for much more than just that. You can also get these signs made to help navigate customers through your store, as wall decor for your interior spaces, or to create some attention-grabbing signs for promotional purposes. The main function of the sign will have a huge impact on the end product. For example, storefront signs are much bigger and tend to include a mix of colours and images while navigational signs usually only feature a single word or indication icon. 

Consider Colour

Party Neon signs consist of glass tubes that are filled with gaseous mixtures. These mixtures are what give the sign its vivid neon colours. You can get your signs made in just about any colour or choose to include a number of different colours in your design. Here is a quick look at some of the most common neon sign colours to consider for the different signs in your company.

For business logos, it is best to focus on your business colours because this will help with brand recognition. General information or marketing signs can be made in more neutral colours like green, yellow, blue, or purple because these colours give off a friendlier vibe.

Focus On Readability

Neon signs can be made in any font style and while decorative fonts might look beautiful it can sometimes make your signage difficult to read. It is very important to choose a font that is easy to read from a great distance so your company name, services or marketing won’t be mistaken for something else.

Consider Background

Neon signs can be created on all sorts of backgrounds. Many prefer clear backgrounds because this will make the sign look more aesthetically pleasing up against a building wall or inside a window. You should, however, be careful when selecting colours. It is always best to choose a neon sign colour that will create a strong contrast with your backdrop. For example, a red sign on a red wall will blend too much while a contrasting lime green sign will stand out so much more. 

What About Imaging

Neon signs can be made to portray any image and many companies use these signs to display their business logo. Decorative signs with lots of imaging can be beautiful but it can also draw attention away from your business name or from the information you would like to display. It is best to always keep the imaging and decorations on your business signs sweet and simple so these won’t take over the entire image. 

Now that you know what features to include in your business sign, it is time to finally order that gorgeous sign. Give Neon Party a call if you need help with the design of your business sign or if you need professionals to custom-make it exactly the way you envision this important marketing tool.