Our Top 5 Neon Signs for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, making for a perfect opportunity to brighten up hearts and homes with colourful, vibrant neon signs from Neon Party. Our UK neon sign shop has a wide selection of romantic-themed neon signs to choose from, whether it’s Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year.

Give your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend the love they deserve this year and celebrate that love under the glow of these top five Valentine’s Day neon signs:

01. Double Love Heart Neon Sign

One of our most popular romantic-themed neon signs is our Double Love Heart Neon Sign, and for good reason. This simple sign features two intertwined heart symbols, a perfect symbol for two hearts joining as one. Make the occasion - whatever it may be - joyful and loving with this beautiful little sign available in seven convenient sizes ranging from 30x19cm up to 90x56cm.

This sign can look great in a bedroom or lounge, as well as in commercial establishments such as restaurants. There are two dozen colours to choose from, but you really can’t go wrong with plain red.

02. Custom First Name & Heart Neon Sign

Build your own romantic neon sign with our Custom First Name & Heart Neon Sign. This sign lets you put your own name, up to seven characters long, and it’s followed by a little heart symbol. The text is by default a fancy cursive font, and it naturally works best with shorter names and nicknames.

Moreover, you can fully customise the colour of the text and the heart, making them the same or different colours as you please. There are over a dozen colours to choose for each.

03. All You Need Is Love Neon Sign

It’s been a few decades since the Fab Four were topping the charts, but the famous words of that Liverpool group live on with our All You Need Is Love Neon Sign. At the end of the day, if love is all you need, this sign can symbolise that love in the comfort of your home. This sign can also look great at a wedding for those unforgettable wedding photos.

The sign is simply a fancy font displaying “All you need is Love.” There are four sizes and a dozen colours to choose from for this sign.

04. Love Heart LED Neon Sign

Like our first choice, this simple little neon sign gets its message across plainly. Our Love Heart LED Neon Sign features a typical heart symbol with the text “love” in a fancy cursive font inside of the heart but connecting the first letter “L” to the outline of the heart, a simple touch for a simple sign.

This sign looks great in a wide variety of settings, either at home or in a retail shop or restaurant, since it’s so versatile. This sign is also available in six convenient sizes and over a dozen colour choices.

05. Belle Neon Wall Art

French is often called one of the languages of love, and it’s also beautifully captured with our simple Belle Neon Wall Art neon sign. This sign, like our last pick, is a simple heart symbol and the text “belle” written inside in a cursive font. Belle means “the beautiful” in french. You can, however, customise this sign to feature any text you want instead, although you may want to keep it short and concise.

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with romantic signs from Neon Party.