Neon Sign Ideas To Decorate Kids Bedrooms

Neon Sign Ideas To Decorate Kids Bedrooms

Neon signs are mostly used by businesses because these vivid lights can make your company easier to spot even during the dead of the night. These lights also tend to make people feel a lot livelier and more excited which is great for increasing sales. You can always spot these bright lights in bars, restaurants, and they are often featured on shop fronts. 

Even though these lights are mostly used for business purposes, they can be just as functional for home decor, particularly in children’s bedrooms. They can act as a night light to keep young kids calm and they double as beautiful pieces of wall art.

There are lots of brilliant ways to use neon signs for bedrooms. Here is a quick look at some of the best design ideas for little ones.

Custom Name Neon Signs

A custom name sign is an ideal Christmas present or birthday gift for your little one. These signs will look impressive on a bedroom door or they can be used as wall decor to brighten up any kid's bedroom. Neon signs are especially charming in shared kids bedrooms because the signs can be used to clearly mark out each child's little territory by placing it above the bed, on their nightstands, or on their headboards. 

You can get a custom sign for any child’s name. These signs can be made in various sizes and you can get the name created in any of a huge variety of bright neon colours. 

If just the name is still a little bit plain then you can always add a little icon to the design. A bright red heart, a cute rocketship, a basketball icon, a flower, or a tiny rainbow is sure to make your name sign stand out even more. 

These name signs will look impressive no matter where you position them because they can be made with clear acrylic backing so the view of the background item (the wall, door, or headboard) won’t be obscured. 

Zodiac Symbol Name Signs

Zodiac symbols can also be used to create a very unique and beautiful wall sign. You can get any type of zodiac sign custom-made in a colour that matches your child’s bedroom theme perfectly. There are many different kinds of zodiac signs to choose from and most of them should look pretty impressive in neon light. 

Name Meaning Neon Signs

Neon signs can display any type of text under the sun. Instead of the usual first name neon signs, why not get the meaning of your child’s name made into a beautiful sign? Name meanings will certainly make the bedroom a lot more personal and will give some background as to the child’s personality.

Feel Good Signs

If you don’t particularly like the idea of a customised neon sign then you can always go for something a little bit more generic. Feel-good neon signs with happy phrases like “Beloved”, “Good Vibes Only”, “Let’s Party”, or “Happy Days” are sure to make the bedroom feel a lot more cheerful. You can also get positive icons like a cute peace hand sign or a big heart sign to promote happy feelings.

Hobby Signs

What is your child’s favourite hobby or interest? Gamer kids would love a game console neon sign. Horse lovers might prefer an equestrian-themed neon sign. Perhaps your kid is into sports and might love a soccer ball on his wall. Or what about a little rocket ship or rock guitar neon sign for modern kids? Your kid’s favourite hobby will always make for a treasured neon sign. 

If you want to get any of these neon signs for your child’s room then you should give Neon Party a call. We can custom-make neon signs in any colour with any type of image, theme, text, or font. Our signs are made of the highest quality materials and are sure to look impressive whether you hang them on a door, a wall, or place it on a nightstand.