Mini Neon Signs That Can Benefit Your Company

Mini Neon Signs That Can Benefit Your Company

Neon signs are much more powerful than any other sign type. These types of signs stand out like a shiny beacon in the dark and they trigger a lot more emotion since those vivid colours tend to make you feel happy and excited. Even a mini neon sign can offer a whole lot of functionality and there are lots of different ways they can be used inside your company. 

In this guide, we are going to share some creative mini neon sign ideas and we show you how even these tiny signs can be useful. 

Mini Neon Signs are Ideal for Corporate Gifting

Everyone loves neon signs which makes it an ideal corporate gift for employees or other companies that you might want to spoil with something special. Mini neon signs are very handy desk accessories and can be a functional gift. Since this is a type of corporate gift that people will be taking home, it is usually best to avoid designs that are too business related. Save your company name and logo for the shop front and get something relevant yet inspirational made as a gift. Neon signs like a bright star icon, a lightbulb icon, a cute diamond light, or a little animal silhouette can all be perfect for spoiling employees.

Open Signs Are Always a Winner

A mini ‘open’ neon sign is a true investment for any business that operates beyond the usual business hours. Place this little sign in your shop window or business front so anyone who passes by can easily see that your company is still open for business. With a bright ‘open’ sign hanging up in the entrance of your business, you will attract customers from a great distance.

Mini Signs for Navigation

Mini neon signs are ideal for navigating guests or clients to the right place. These signs are very bright and can easily guide your guests toward the bar, exit, bathroom, or office of your company. New customers will feel a lot more at ease when they step into your place for the very first time because they can quickly make their way around your company. 

Mini Seasonal Neon Signs

Companies that sell goods usually have to do a lot of seasonal marketing. A large and bulky promotional sign isn’t practical for a simple seasonal promotion because these signs are difficult to store when they are not in use and they are expensive. In this case, small neon signs can be a very powerful alternative. They are very affordable and they are a lot easier to store away when the season is over. You should stock up on a couple of mini seasonal signs for Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day. These signs will direct customers to all of your latest specials and deals and can be very handy for decorating a specific theme. 

Feel Good Signs

Mini neon signs are great for improving the mood in your company. If your business seems a bit gloomy then you can instantly light up the vibe with some sweet feel-good signs like heart neon signs, peace hand neon signs, or quote signs that say something like “Happy Days” or “Hello Gorgeous”.

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