Important Things To Consider When Choosing Neon Signs For Your Business

Neon signs are some of the best signage options for businesses. These customisable signs will give your company a pop of colour and their vibrant hues can attract customers from great distances. You certainly won’t make a mistake when you choose neon lighting to portray your company name and logo. 

While these signs are terrific, they can be a pricey investment. It is best to think carefully before you order your sign. Here are some of the most important things that you should take into consideration when you get your company sign custom-made.

Consider the Size

You can never go too big when it comes to business signage. It is important to have a nice and large sign out there so customers can easily spot your company. It is, however, also important to consider where your sign will be hanging. Many businesses are quite limited in terms of signage positioning and have to opt for something smaller. Luckily, even small neon signs will still be easy to spot because those vivid colours automatically attract lots of attention. Measure out the available space you have for your sign and keep in mind that there should still be some free space on the wall around the sign or it might look too crammed in. 

Choose the Design

Neon signs can be custom-made in any design. You can include your business name or any other fun word or lettering you like in your design and choose any font style you prefer. Your sign can also include outlines of shapes or images which means you can convert your business logo to line-art format and include that into the design. 

The most important thing to keep in mind regarding design is that it is all line art. This basically means that your company sign will consist of mostly outlines. 

It is best to keep the design sweet but simple without any unnecessary detail or embellishments. You can include your brand name and a company image or icon but try to avoid overloading your image or it might be difficult to make out what the sign is all about.

Choose your Colour

There are over 40 different neon sign colours that you can choose from for your company signs. While it can be good to have a colourful company sign, it is usually best not to include too many different colours because this can make your company appear a bit comical. Colour can have a huge impact on the vibe of your company. It is best to do a bit of research on colour psychology and to find out what different colours mean in terms of business. Blue colours, for example, are often associated with professionalism and trust. Yellow is associated with happiness and is ideal for a company with a happy and friendly vibe. Green is often associated with money which makes it a perfect colour for financial institutions.

Consider The Different Backing Options

Neon signs are attached to a backing so they can easily be installed on any surface without affecting the overall appearance of the sign. Some backing options can also enhance the colour and appearance of the neon sign. The backboard can be clear or transparent, white, black, or silver, or you can include UV printing on the background. If the sign is fitted in a window, it is always better to go with a clear backing. A clear backing can also be a good option if you don’t want to disrupt the look of the wall. Coloured or printed backings can, however, be a good option for wall-mounted neon signs. 

If you are having a tough time deciding on the right colour and design features of your neon sign then you should give Neon Party a call. We can offer you some great design advice, help you create the perfect custom design and we can make you develop a neon sign that suits your business just right.