Fun Facts You Should Know About Neon Signs

Fun Facts You Should Know About Neon Signs

Everything about neon signs is fun. The bright colours, the cute designs, and the heart-pumping vibe that these signs create are all associated with fun and happy times and you are bound to enjoy yourself when you step into a company that features this type of signage. Neon signs also have a pretty interesting history and there are a lot of fun things you can learn about these eye-catching signs. 

In this guide, we are going to share a couple of fun facts and other interesting things that you should know about neon lights and signs.

The First Ever Neon Sign

The first ever neon light was created by French inventor Claude in Paris in 1910. The sign was made for a hairdressing company in Paris. A motoring company named Packard Motors imported Claude’s early neon signs to the USA and used this template to create a unique signage concept for their company in 1923. This sign was a huge hit and it was quickly commercialised all over the United States.

An Abundance of Colour Options

It is estimated that there are over 150 different colours that can be used in neon lighting. To simplify things a little bit, neon sign manufacturers only focus on a specific range of colours. This vast variety of hues can be created by using a different combination of gasses and background or tubing hues. 

Neon Signs Used to Cost a Lot More

The Packard Company paid over $12,000 to develop the first neon signs. This is an astronomical amount of money considering that the signs were made back in 1923.  Luckily for us, technology has advanced quite a bit since then, and neon signs can now be made much more affordable.

Neon Lighting can be Seen Through the Fog

The light emitted by neon signs can pass through water fog. This basically means that you will still be able to see these signs even on a foggy night. The light produced by Neon signage is an ideal source of illumination in heavy traffic areas or airports.

It Isn't Easy to Make a Neon Sign

Each neon sign is hand-made by warming and bending the glass tubes to form a specific shape. This requires a lot of careful precision work or the glass tubes can easily break. It also takes a long time to build each and every custom neon sign.

Neon Signs are Durable

A typical outdoor neon sign can last over 10 years if it is made from the right UV-protected materials. When the sign or some of the lights inside the sign do give out, these parts can be repaired or replaced to restore the sign.

The Oldest Neon Sign

The oldest surviving neon sign is located in Lake Worth Florida. It was first installed at the Lake Worth Playhouse and has been shining brightly since 1929.

The Most Popular Neon Sign

The most renowned neon sign is the “Open” sign. This sign is a staple for bars, clubs, and restaurants and it is used to inform and attract clientele to businesses all over the world. 

Neon was Discovered in 1898

Neon light was first discovered in 1898 by two scientists. William Ramsay and Morris W. Travers worked together to discover krypton, xenon, and neon. Georges Clause used these gasses to invent the very first neon lamp. 

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