Best Neon Signs To Get For A Bar

Best Neon Signs To Get For A Bar

Neon signs are a staple decor element for bars. They are perfect for increasing sales because customers are drawn to them like a moth to a flame. No eye can possibly miss a bright neon sign hanging over a bar or decorating the wall behind it. These signs are also helpful for setting the mood because they give off a warm, yet electrical vibe. They are also not just for bars that sell alcoholic beverages. The right neon light will increase brand awareness and sales for any type of bar.

In this guide, we are going to share some great neon sign ideas for different types of bars so you can find something that suits your company perfectly. 

Top Neon Signs for a Coffee Bar

Any coffee bar can benefit from a neon sign. This includes small coffee bars at offices or even a mini coffee cart at your home. Neon signs can be made in any shape or size and we highly recommend a sign that includes the word ‘Coffee’ in beautiful big letters. You can spruce the sign up by adding an icon of a cappuccino mug or takeaway coffee cup to your sign. If you want to add more than one neon sign then we recommend a catchy coffee quote like the following:

  • But first coffee
  • World’s Best Coffee
  • Everything we brew we brew it for you
  • A yawn is a silent scream for coffee
  • Coffee is always a good idea

Top Neon Signs for a Sushi Bar

Your sushi bar will invite a lot more customers to come and have a bite with a big sign on top. You can get a custom neon sign made that displays your sushi shop name or simply get the words “Sushi Bar” crafted in big inviting letters. Add a couple of decorative touches like sushi food icons and your bar is bound to lure in lots of feet.

Top Neon Signs for a Sports Bar

Sports bars tend to be more casual and they always provide a lot of entertainment with the latest sporting games playing on a large display TV set. For this type of bar, you might want to focus on a simple “BAR” sign along with some cute beverage icons like a beer cup or cocktail. Sporty neon lights like a soccer ball or sports symbol can also be useful for decorating the wall behind your bar. 

Top Neon Signs for a Wine Bar

For a wine bar, you might want to go for a more elegant look and you need signs that are going to encourage your customers to try different wines. First off, you need a big “Wine Bar” sign along with a bottle and wine glass icon above your bar. For a more classy look, you can also get a Wine Cellar sign made along with your company logo.  Next, you need to add a little bit of humour with some funny wine slogans like the following.

  • It’s Wine O Clock
  • Wine a Little, Laugh a Lot
  • But first… wine

Top Neon Signs for a Pub

Casual drinking bars like a pub usually look their best with an assortment of neon signs. Start off with a big neon sign of your bar name hanging above the bar, then hang some creative neon signs that depict alcoholic beverages all over the walls. These decorative signs can be great for illumination since these types of bars tend to be a little bit darker in order to set the mood. Get a neon sign of a draught, a beer mug sign, and a cocktail glass sign, and use these on the walls all around your place. 

If you don’t have a neon sign for your bar just yet then you should reach out and give Neon Party a call or order one of our bar signs online. These signs are sure to make your bar look a lot more captivating and will certainly make your bar stand out.