5 Brilliant Playroom Signs for Children & Children at Heart

Children should be playing as play can stimulate imagination and creativity. Building a dedicated playroom for your children or simply turning their bedrooms into fun places certainly requires safe and productive toys, but decorating a child’s playroom can be made much easier with vibrant neon lights that set the ambience of the room.

For parents concerned about the heat from neon lights, rest assured that modern neon signs from Neon Party UK are made with energy-efficient and safe LED lighting made of PVC. These signs run at 12V, which is far safer than old-fashioned neon signs. There are no hazardous gasses found in our neon signs as might have been common in neon signs of decades past. More interestingly is this warming neon lights can as night light unique gifts for kids that hanging on their bedroom, This beautiful neon light keep them safe ,When she wakes in the night they can turn it on remotely and its soft light comforts them

Below are five of our top playroom signs for children (and children at heart):

01. Custom Name with Basketball Neon Sign

Young boys are sure to love their very own custom neon sign featuring their name and a cool basketball graphic with our Name with Basketball Neon Sign. This sign will feature your child’s name (or anything else you want as text) written in a clean cursive font with a vibrant basketball afterwards.

Keep in mind that the 65cm and 75cm width sign options allow for 8 characters of text, whereas the 100cm and 120cm versions allow for up to 13 characters.

The text and basketball can also be customised in two dozen colours each.

02. Personalised Pet Cat Neon Art

Few signs are quite as playful as our Personalised Pet Cat Neon Art featuring the silhouette of a playful kitty cat cleverly shaped into a heart symbol. If you’ve got a cat (or even if you don’t) and your kids love animals like floofy little kitties, this sign is a natural fit in a playroom or bedroom.

This sign is available in four sizes and a dozen colours.

03. Cute Anime Kitty with Bow LED Neon Wall Art

Another cute little cat-themed sign perfect for children’s playrooms and bedrooms is our Cute Anime Kitty with Bow LED Neon Wall Art sign. Adults will certainly recognise the design of this sign, as it is essentially that famous Japanese kitty that says “hello,” if you catch our drift.

The design is simple, featuring that famous kitty with a little bow. Both the kitty and the bow can be customised, but the classic white and deep pink colour palette is a classic.

04. Colourful Ferris Wheel Neon Sign

Capture the joy of seaside amusement parks with our Colourful Ferris Wheel Neon Sign for your child’s room. A bright ferris wheel adds a playful touch to a playroom, and this sign has a kaleidoscope of multiple vibrant colours to add character.

This sign has a default colour palette, but you can request a custom colour design from our team at checkout. Choose from four sizes ranging from 40x40cm to 70x70cm.

05. Flying Astronaut in Rocket LED Neon Sign

Children can reach for the moon and the stars and stretch their imaginations to the limit with our Flying Astronaut in Rocket LED Neon Sign. This fun little sign features a cool astronaut blasting through space in his little rocket ship. This sign pairs wonderfully with a space-themed bedroom or playroom, glow-in-the-dark star stickers, and a child filled with creativity.

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