5 Brilliant Neon Signs to Light Up Your Kitchen

The kitchen can be a great place to do a little socialising over a glass of wine or a cup of tea or coffee, just as much as it is essential for preparing that Sunday roast or heating up leftovers for weeknight meals.

With so much going on in the typical home kitchen, there’s no reason why it should only be functional and not beautiful and vibrant, especially with colourful and fun neon signs that can breathe fresh life into your kitchen.

Here are five of our top kitchen neon signs for your home:

01. Beauty Tulip LED Neon

Bring life into your kitchen with our Beauty Tulip LED Neon sign. This simple little neon sign features a beautiful tulip in a vase, something that’s uplifting and joyful whether it’s spring or any other season.

Floral elements like this bright neon sign work well in contemporary kitchens since they offset the whites and greys with a pop of colour, whilst also working well in traditional shaker kitchens by complementing wooden and other natural accents within.

This sign is available in four different sizes and the tulip’s head, stem, and vase can be customised in a dozen different colours each. 

02. Colour Grapefruit Neon

Speaking about pops of colour, brighten up your kitchen with food-themed signs such as our Colour Grapefruit Neon sign. Citrus can give your kitchen somewhat of a tropical feel, bringing smiles and comfort in your kitchen.

This sign features a slice of grapefruit (really, you could just as well see it as a melon or other citrus fruit) in profile with seven coloured seeds. The pulp and exterior can be customised in a dozen colours each and this sign is available in four sizes.

03. Hamburger Neon Light

Satisfy your hunger with another fantastic food-themed neon sign such as our Hamburger Neon Light. Why bother skipping over to Hungry Jack’s when you can whet the appetite of your guests at home with this big ol’ honker of a hamburger sign? With the price of a burger skyrocketing, why not bring the bacon home and make your own tasty hamburgers from your own kitchen?

This sign quite simply features a big “fully loaded” burger with a seed bun and is available in a dozen colours and four different sizes.

04. Peach Shape Neon

The humble little peach has become somewhat of a Rorschach test these days. Ask most people over say… 40 years of age what they see on our Peach Shape Neon sign (shaped like the emoji) and they might just say that “it’s a peach.” Ask most younger folks, however, and you might end up with some innuendo!

This sign is another fruity food-themed neon sign that looks great in the kitchen. As mentioned, it simply features a peach just like the emoji 🍑and is available in a dozen colours (customise the peach itself and the leaf separately) and four convenient sizes.

05. Female Silhouette in Cocktail Glass Neon Wall Art

If your kitchen serves as both a place to prepare food as well as a place to entertain guests over a glass of wine or a fine cocktail, decorate it with our Female Silhouette in Cocktail Glass Neon Wall Art. This sign features a slender woman’s silhouette filling up a traditional cocktail glass in a colourful gradient that can be customised.

Available in four sizes as well as a default colour or fully customisable colours.

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