5 Brilliant Neon Sign Ideas for Your Bar

British pubs historically used opaque, tinted or frosted windows for privacy but also because, particularly in Victorian times, drinking carried a social stigma. It’s fairly safe to say that times have changed quite a bit since then, but many pubs and bars in the UK still often have dark interiors as they’ve often inherited heritage pubs themselves.

Lighting up your bar or pub with vibrant neon signs is therefore essential for creating an ambience or aesthetic that attracts patrons and encourages lively banter and the imbibing of their favourite beverages.

Below are a few of our top neon sign ideas for your bar or pub in the UK:

01. Custom First Name Gin Bar

Some of the most important neon signs to consider for your bar are custom bar signs such as our Custom First Name Gin Bar neon sign. In addition to being fully customisable, they’re also unique to your establishment.

Gin may have originated in the Netherlands, but it certainly became the most popular beverage in Britain by the late 17th century. Gin & tonic remains today one of the most popular cocktails sold in the UK.

This particular neon sign design has the default text “KENNY’S” in block letters sitting above “Gin Bar” written in a fancy cursive font. On the right side there is a martini glass with an olive, every element of which can be customised in over a dozen colours. Both texts can be changed, for example, to “[YOUR NAME]” and “Bar/Pub/Club.”

02. Custom Bar Signs

Custom Bar Signs are available in many different designs from Neon Party. This particular design is similar to the previous pick. It simply features the text “Cocktail” and “Bar,” both sitting at a slight tilt, one above the other, with a large cocktail glass graphic directly behind the text. Both text fields can be customised, and all elements can be customised in a dozen colours.

03. Female Silhouette in Cocktail Glass Neon Wall Art

“Luck be a lady tonight” with our Female Silhouette in Cocktail Glass Neon Wall Art. For an establishment that wants to truly make an impression, this neon sign featuring a slender female silhouette reclining in a cocktail glass will surely get the job done.

Aside from the striking design of the sign, the lighting also has a gradient effect showing various colours. Depending on your choice of default colour, this could create a vivacious tropical theme for your bar or pub.

04. Cheers Neon Light

Why not keep it simple with our classic Cheers Neon Light for your pub? As one might imagine, this straightforward neon sign simply features the text “Cheers” in a classy font sitting in front of a large cocktail glass.

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with the default text, you are welcome to change it with your own text (up to 6 characters) if you please. Furthermore, all elements of the cocktail glass as well as the text itself can be customised in a dozen colours each. 

05. Welcome Bar Signs

Every bar and pub should have clearly visible Welcome Bar Signs to bring patrons in. We have many standard OPEN neon signs suitable for all sorts of businesses in our catalogue for this purpose.

This particular bar sign, however, features the text “BAR” sitting atop “ALWAYS OPEN” in large, capitalised letters. It’s up to you whether this message is to be taken literally; place it behind the bar to let customers know your bartenders are ready to serve.

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